Monday, 23 July 2007

How To Qualify for Internet Typing Jobs

Two of the most common typing jobs you can get online and complete by telecommuting from home are data entry jobs and transcription jobs. Data entry jobs involve exactly what the term implies: inputting information into pre-made online forms or templates. Transcription is typing into a document verbatim the words heard on an audio file so that the conversation can be read instead of heard only.

Internet Data Entry Jobs

There aren't a lot of these available for some reason, but when they do come around, the employer generally wants to make sure they're getting someone who can handle the job. Expect a test of some kind, whether it's a timed test or an accuracy test, as well as a grammar and spelling test. They don't want to have to go back over your work and correct you.

You may also be asked to provide relatively detailed information about the equipment you have available. What word processing programs are you proficient in? You may need a fax machine, a scanner, and a computer that works at a minimum speed as per their requirements. You may also need to be available to them at certain times of the day by phone.

Make sure you send in a resume that looks as good as any document that you will produce for them in the future. Avoid sloppy, dashed off, note style emails about the position. Always be courteous, include a resume, and make sure that all correspondence you send is grammatically correct – and spelled correctly as well. It's one of the first demonstrations of your future job performance.

Internet Transcription Jobs

Transcription is a great way to earn a meaningful salary from home. More than data entry, however, it takes training and, if the pay is to be earned efficiently, the right equipment. You will need transcription software and a pedal that allows you to automatically rewind a couple seconds back into the audio file. There is free software available called Express Scribe for audio files, but if you want to transcribe CDs or DVDs, you will need to purchase software. The pedal can cost anywhere from $60 to $300, but it is absolutely necessary and cuts your transcription time to a tenth of what it would be without it.

To transcribe audio from meetings, photo shoots, and other non technical venues, no experience beyond transcription experience is needed. There is a high need for legal and medical transcription, however, and these require education specific to the field.

Find Internet Typing Jobs

Many sites offer current postings for these positions. Most likely they will list all the details of the job as well as their expected qualifications, time commitment, and the pay. Don't bother applying if you don't have the minimum qualifications at least. So many people will that it's a waste of both of your time. Look for transcription and data entry jobs at:

Many of these sites offer an email service in which you are notified any time a job meeting your specifications is posted. Other sites offer weekly newsletters or postings in which the latest job announcements are made available.

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